Queue for s&box Dev Preview Closed

The queue for s&box was closed indefinitely.

Queue for s&box Dev Preview Closed

Recently, the queue for s&box was closed indefinitely. The queue, to the unfamiliar, was a line-up for people who wanted access to s&box. The queue was ordered by workshop contribution to Garry's Mod and Half-Life: Alyx, and then by date joined.

The queue system was in place from July 2022 until approximately December 2022. While users in the queue can still see their position, the queue has not moved, and Facepunch has officially stated the queue is now closed. According to Garry, s&box has enough developers with access at the moment to allow Facepunch to do what they need to do. As of now, there is no way to get early access to s&box anymore.

Development Has Been Steady

Facepunch's iterative development on s&box over the last few months has brought numerous innovative features to the platform. Examples of such features include the s&box editor, an addon manager, and much more. This week brought about the first workings of dedicated servers to s&box, which are currently available for Windows, but are planned for Linux.


Release Date

A release date is yet to be confirmed, aside from the information in the s&box website's About page. If the information holds true, s&box could be releasing before August of 2022. To see more information, check out this news post.

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