First post on s&box community

Welcome to s&box community! This is our first post.

First post on s&box community

If you are reading this, you have stumbled upon the first post for! This site was created in May of 2021 in anticipation for s&box, a game that has a strong emphasis on modding and creation.

Due to the nature of s&box (known as the spiritual successor to Garry's Mod), we believe a blog is a great way to share news, information, and community creations that pertain to s&box and Facepunch. Seeing what other people build in s&box is always exciting, even though the game is still in an early dev preview.

A vehicle from the Feb 2021 Development Update

As stated, s&box is still in development. Select members of the community have received early access keys so they can begin breaking or creating things in s&box, helping Facepunch narrow down bugs and implement suggestions. Less than 100 people have received keys as of writing this post, making access to the dev preview greatly sought after.

If you are interested in s&box, its development, and the community, check out the links below: