New Invite-Based Access System Launched for s&box

A new method of getting s&box access is out - invite codes!

New Invite-Based Access System Launched for s&box

If you have been waiting for access to s&box, now is your chance! The option to grant access is now in the hands of fellow developers, who are granted invite codes to distribute how they see fit.

Invite codes are distributed to developers based on factors such as their activity in the community. Exact information on the doling out of these invite codes is still to be determined, but many believe activity on (such as uploading games, models, etc) is a big factor.

In order to receive an invite code, you will have to be given one by an existing developer. Sometimes invite codes are dropped by developers who have access, or Facepunch staff themselves, in the official s&box discord. Lurking in the #general channel and having the invite code page open on is the best way to get a key.

The page to redeem an invite code

Remember that s&box is still in dev preview, and is not ready for proper playtesting yet. If you are not a game developer, s&box may not have much for you at the moment.

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