Leak of s&box posted on 4chan, leaker caught

A leaked copy of s&box is now circulating on 4chan and other websites. The leaker could be in for a world of trouble.

Leak of s&box posted on 4chan, leaker caught

Today, s&box was leaked on 4chan. The dump of s&box was posted at approximately 3PM Eastern Time. Included in the leak is s&box's executable, all the games files, as well as Source 2 development tools such as Hammer and Modeldoc.

Shortly after the leak was posted, a user from the s&box Discord by the name of Jake_Rich#0001 dug into the files of the leak and found a configuration file with the SteamID of the leaker. For privacy reasons, we won't be sharing the SteamID of the leaker, but they appeared to have received s&box from the queue for dev preview a few days ago.

We are not sure what to expect from Facepunch's side in retaliation - according to users in the Discord, the leaked copy of s&box worked and ran as expected. Whether or not Facepunch could take legal action against the leaker is unknown. Furthermore, it is unknown if Facepunch will attempt to release a patch that invalidates the leaked version.

Users who download the leak should play at their own caution. It is possible that Steam accounts who play s&box from the leaked copy could get their Steam account banned from s&box, although nobody knows for sure yet what might happen.

Leaked copy uses a modified Steam API

The Steam API that s&box uses to connect to Steam servers was modified to use the Spacewar game on Steam instead. With this modification, leaked users can play with multiplayer sessions with each other just like the official s&box build allows for. Spacewar is commonly used for cracked games so that users can play cracked games multiplayer with other users with the crack.

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