Release Date for s&box Quietly Pushed Back

The release date for s&box has been pushed back quietly. We think it'll be worth the wait.

Release Date for s&box Quietly Pushed Back

Recently, we discovered the release date for s&box was quietly pushed back from "the second half of 2021". Now, on the s&box About page, it is written that the plan is to get s&box into a releasable state in 6 to 12 months.

6 to 12 months for release likely means 6 to 12 months from when the site was updated. According to Wayback Machine, the change happened some time between July 26th and July 27th. This would mean Facepunch estimates s&box will release 6 to 12 months from the end of July. If Facepunch holds true to this, it would mean we can expect s&box to release Q1 or Q2 or 2022.

Long-Term Support for s&box

Another change we see in the About page is the length of time s&box is expected to be supported.

Some people already have access. Our plan is to get to a releasable state over the next 6-12 months then improve it over 10-20 years.

If Facepunch is planning 10-20 years of support for s&box, it is feasible to expect s&box to be monetizable in more unique ways than Garry's Mod allowed for. Many users in the s&box Discord are theorizing that s&box will attempt to copy Roblox's business model. Garry's son plays Roblox, so it would make sense for Garry to attempt a game with similarities, but less focus on the child-like aspects that Roblox has.