S&box Release Date, How to Get a Key, Everything We Know So Far

With a new and shiny engine upgrade and a brand new game-building framework in C#, s&box is looking almost ready to make waves in the game modding community.

S&box Release Date, How to Get a Key, Everything We Know So Far

Facepunch Studios, the game studio behind Garry's Mod and Rust, has been working hard on a new game that some have called the spiritual successor to Garry's Mod. With a new and shiny engine upgrade (Source 2) and a brand new API in C#, s&box is looking almost ready to make waves in the game modding community.

Release Date for s&box

The release date for s&box is to be determined. Facepunch has not confirmed a timeframe, and have said they aren't even sure themselves. Check out our post for our own estimate on s&box's release date.

How To Get a s&box Access (Dev Preview)

The best way to get a key is to make an application on the Facepunch forums. This application is primarily for devs, so if you don't have any work or previous experience to show off, it is unlikely you will be granted access. Visit the key application megathread (you must have an account to view and post) to apply. Facepunch developers themselves manually review the megathread at their own leisure, so there is no guarantee for when (if at all) you will receive a key.

The s&box main menu (Jan 2023)

What We Know About s&box So Far

Many have described s&box as Garry's Mod 2. While concepts such as modding and community are at the forefront of the new game, s&box and Garry's Mod are quite different. Garry has stated his hopes for s&box as follows:

My hope is that it will eclipse what is possible in Garry's Mod rather than simply be a modern version of it.

Source 2 will be the engine powering s&box. Garry's Mod ran on the Source engine, which ran a lot of other popular games from Valve, the company that founded the Steam marketplace. Games you might recognize from Source are Half-Life, CounterStrike, Portal, and Team Fortress 2. Source 2 is a vast upgrade from the original Source engine, bringing games built on it into the modern age of gaming. Garry's Mod was originally released in 2006. To give perspective into how long ago that was, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was released the same year.

s&box early in-game screenshot

s&box is planned to have many Quality of Life changes for creators and players alike. Players will be able to host a game their friends can join with a click of a button without need for port forwarding or downloading dependencies beforehand. Developers can write and debug code live with hotloading features. This change is good for everyone. A smoother development experience will mean more polished and fun gamemodes.

Where to Pre-Order s&box

s&box is currently not available for pre-order. We will update this section if s&box becomes available for pre-order.

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